USCIS.GOV/us-citizenshipThe US Government’s Official Page.  Do not be fooled by other sites that look similar.  Here are some handy links within it:

  • Form N400 (this is the most recent and correct form as of 4/13/16)
  • Instructions for filling out Form N400 (I strongly encourage you to print and use this document!)
  • Document Checklist and Fees (tells you all the documents to include with your submission AND the fees you must pay)
  • Find the nearest English and Citizenship classes

Resources – Some of the best:

Videos – Not all videos on YouTube are great resources.  Here are some that are:

  • The official USCIS overview.  It’s a bit dry, but you should start here
  • Huyen’s Practice Citizenship interview (from Vietnam)
  • Huang Yanli’s Practice Citizenship interview (from China)
  • Bhasker Banjara’s Practice Citizenship interview (born in India, citizen of Kenya).  After the practice interview, Mr. Banjara, who was born in India and was a citizen of Kenya, offers a few words of advice in Gujarati, Swahili, and Hindi about studying for citizenship
  • Tesleem’s Practice Citizenship interview (Pakistan, a little difficult to hear in the video but you hear some good coaching).  Then we find out that Tesleem passed her test!  On this video, she talks about her experience. She speaks in English and Urdu.